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Our Future is Bright with These Leaders

I am incredibly confident in our future after working with a cohort of 16 amazing emerging leaders since February of this year. We just finished piloting a 9-month leadership development program at the U.S. Army TACOM Program Executive Office for Ground Combat Systems. This program was a combination of classroom training, group coaching, and individual coaching. […]

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How to Stop Being Frustrated by Others

Most frustrations are due to unmet expectations. You believe you will be promoted, and someone else gets the job. You plan to celebrate the holidays with family members, and they make travel arrangements for Florida. You assume you will be in and out of a medical appointment quickly, and you end up there for two […]

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How to Create Self-reliance Instead of Dependency

What happens when we keep solving other people’s problems? We create dependency and stifle their growth and innovation. Our employees and family members get lazy, stop developing their own solutions, and come to rely on us for answers and advice. Instead of telling others what to do, effective leaders ask thought-provoking questions to get them […]

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How to Set Boundaries with Others

Why don’t we set clear boundaries with our team members, friends, and family? Because it’s difficult, uncomfortable and we want people to like us. We don’t want to disappoint others, so instead we push aside our own wants and needs in the name of being nice. This happens when we don’t speak up when other […]

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The Secret to Better Performance, Relationships and Well-Being

Presence or paying attention is absolutely critical to high performance, strong relationships and overall happiness. Although it’s very simple in concept, it’s very difficult in practice. This is because as human beings, we are constantly thinking. We think about what we are going to do next, our opinions about what we see and hear, regrets […]

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How to Increase Trust with Others

Trust is what makes or breaks relationships both at work and at home. It’s impossible to have strong relationships, effective communication, and smooth interactions without trust. When trust is high, teamwork is effective, productivity increases, and morale is greater. When trust is low, conflicts arise, performance declines, and relationships suffer. Recently, I taught three separate […]

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How to Feel and Become More Confident

We all know that we communicate and influence others through our body language. But did you know that we also influence and communicate subconsciously to ourselves through our own body language? In a TED talk by Amy Cuddy, she talks about how “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.” When your body language is […]

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How to Increase Your Energy Capacity in 2019

Most of the leaders I work with are overworked, pushing harder than ever before, and running on near empty. Stress is inevitable in these VUCA times (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), but it’s also not the problem. The problem is that most of us run at full throttle for extended periods of time without sufficient […]

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Live with Fewer Regrets

Now that 2018 is coming to the end, many of us will take stock in how we spent this year. Did we do all the things we planned to do? Did we spend our time on our highest priorities? Did we live our values each day? Whenever I conduct this yearly evaluation, I try not […]

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