How to Make Better Decisions

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Every decision we make is based in emotion. We decide to do/not to do something to avoid negative outcomes/emotions (failure, ridicule, embarrassment, shame, etc.) or to experience positive outcomes/emotions (accomplishment, pride, joy, pleasure, connection, etc.). Because of this, it’s important to insert some rational thinking into our decision-making process, […]

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How to Instantly Shift Your Mood

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC If you are finding it difficult to remain positive, optimistic and happy during these challenging times, you are not alone. However, it is more important than ever not to succumb to the negativity and let it drag you down. Negativity affects our energy level, mood, and health. Scientific research […]

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A Better Way to Give Feedback

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Giving feedback to others can be difficult and uncomfortable, especially if they haven’t asked for it. When done poorly, it can trigger the flight or flight response and damage relationships. However, there is a way to give feedback that is non-threatening and helps to build the relationship between the person […]

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Influence Others by Being a Better Listener

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Do you want to be more influential? One of the best ways to build trust and influence others is to actively listen to them. It makes people feel respected and understood. It also makes them more open to what you have to say. You can’t influence anyone if they won’t […]

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Complaining (and Listening to it) is Shrinking Your Brain

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Do you have people in your life who like to complain? Are you guilty of complaining? Most of us are. According to an article by Meghan Overdeep in Southern Living, “The average person complains between 15 and 30 times a day.” It goes on to say that “Research from […]

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Your Subconscious Mind Can Create Miracles

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC I often talk about the power of positivity and the subconscious mind, which helped me transform my life. This past month, I used my subconscious mind to create my own medical miracle. In early November, I had my annual mammogram. A week later my results showed an abnormality which […]

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How to Have a Happier Holiday Season

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC This has been a very tough year for most of us. Although it’s been extremely challenging, I hope that we can all find something to be grateful for. What we focus on expands, so place your focus on the goods things you have in your life rather than what […]

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Whose Business Are You In?

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Are you someone who takes on too much and tries to solve other people’s problems? Do you feel responsible for your employees, friends or family members, wanting to save them from mistakes, failure, heartache, pain, and suffering? This is common for many people. However, this can be very emotionally […]

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You Can Change Other People

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC I just read Peter Bregman’s new book You Can Change Other People. It’s a great resource for managers, parents, coaches and anyone who likes helping others grow and develop. I’m only able to provide a very simplified overview in this newsletter, so I highly recommend reading the book for […]

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Special Report – Reactions to Action in Afghanistan

Many of you know that I have been working with the military, mainly the U.S. Army, as a contractor since 2002. I have family members and many friends and colleagues who have served in the military and have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. In light of the recent events in Afghanistan, I thought I […]

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