Are You Derailing Your Career Without Knowing it?

Most of us have no idea how we come across to others or what people think of us. Why? Because most people won’t tell us. Instead they talk behind our backs. Have you ever had a friend drift away without any explanation, or not gotten a promotion and not told why? Did you ask what […]

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How to Be an Asset, Not a Liability

My May newsletter focused on the costs of incivility in the workplace to the recipients, the offenders, and their organizations. STRESS is the main cause of incivility. It makes us have shorter fuses and react harshly to others, especially when we are overwhelmed or feel verbally attacked. However, when we do this, it hurts us […]

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Do Nice People Finish Last or Best?

In the business world, does it pay to lift people up or hold people down? Christine Porath presented a TED talk on this topic, which I will summarize in this newsletter.  I have witnessed managers being rewarded for holding people down by being promoted or given greater responsibility. However, research from the Center for Creative […]

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Why Focus on the Positive?

Negative images affect our energy level and our mood. Scientific research has proven that negative emotions actually change our blood chemistry and cause disease. (The Healing Field: Exploring Energy and Consciousness explains this phenomenon and ways to reverse it.)  I stopped watching the news over 5 years ago because it is mostly negative, and it […]

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In Case of Emergency: This Might Save Your Life.

During the Affinity Group round table meeting I facilitated with business owners in January, one of the group members stepped out due to abdominal pain. An ambulance was called, and he was admitted to the hospital for an aneurysm. Tragically, Patrick later died after surgery. This newsletter is meant to honor his memory and share […]

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Relieve Stress and Increase Happiness by Doing This…

Last week, I gave a talk on stress resilience to a group of young dentists in which I shared several methods for managing stress and increasing effectiveness. Dr. Brynn Jezdimir of LakePointe Orthodontics organized the event, and shared her experience of giving back to the community as a way of reducing stress and increasing happiness […]

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Choose to Be Kind Over Being Right in 2018

I recently saw the movie “Wonder” about the difficulties a boy with facial deformities encounters as he enters public school for the first time in fifth grade, after being home schooled by his mother until this point. On a daily basis, Auggie deals with humiliation in the form of stares, whispers, verbal and physical abuse, […]

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Gratitude for 2017

Another year has flown by! For many, 2017 has been a difficult year. For me, this has been my best year yet, and for that I am truly grateful. As you reflect on this past year, I hope that you find you have much to be grateful for. Practicing gratitude for all the positive things […]

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What is Privilege? Overcoming Bias and Discrimination.

Lately there is much talk about certain groups having “privilege” over other groups due to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Google defines privilege as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.”  There is even a video that demonstrates this concept. Yes, even in the […]

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Stress Resilience through Mindfulness

I gave an overview on increasing resilience in the four domains: mind, body, emotion and spirit in my last newsletter. When we experience stress, it is because of what we are telling ourselves about the situation that we perceive as stressful. (“I’m not going to be able to get all of this done on time, […]

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