Increase Your Resilience and Performance

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) hosted a teleclass on resilience and brain science in 2016, and presented the negative effects of stress on our brains and performance. On the up-side, we can be trained to change our brains and learn to become more resilient through brain practices. They provided […]

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What is Essential?

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC We have been forced to live very differently for the past four weeks. For many this has meant slowing down, spending more quality time with family, and doing without non-essentials. Maybe this forced pause is what we needed at this point in time where so many people find themselves […]

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Increase Your Telework Productivity

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC We have been adjusting to the new normal of working from home for the past three weeks. In my conversations with clients, it seems as though introverts are dealing with it a little better than extroverts who are finding isolation challenging and draining. Below are some tips to increase […]

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Strengthen Your Immune System and Resilience

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Immunity and resilience are more important than ever right now. Our immune system helps us fight off disease and stay healthy. We must nurture it and protect it to keep it functioning optimally. Resilience is our ability to go the distance, overcome obstacles, and recover from setbacks. Below are […]

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How to Stop Worrying Now

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Worry is a useless emotion because it doesn’t help anything.  It is a complete waste of time and energy because it doesn’t change anything. Worrying does not prevent negative events from happening, nor does it result in positive outcomes. Instead, it creates deadly symptoms and health problems such as: […]

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Better than Hand Washing and Avoiding Crowds

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC We all know that hand washing and social distancing are important to prevent catching and spreading the Coronavirus. However, some other things may be even better for your physical and psychological well-being. The best thing we can all do is keep our immune systems as high-functioning as possible by […]

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Better to Ask Than Assume

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC We all tend to make quick judgments with limited information in this fast-paced day and age. It’s both necessary and dangerous. According to Timothy Wilson, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, we are faced with around 11 million pieces of information at any given moment. Because the […]

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The Best Approach for Dealing with Conflict

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Most of us have a habitual “go-to” response when dealing with conflict. This knee-jerk reaction may work sometimes, but not in every situation. That’s because no single approach works for all conflicts. However, there is a best approach for every different circumstance. Different situations call for different methods. So […]

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Change Your Life in 2020 by Changing Your Self-Talk

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC Our brains are like computers, storing and acting on the programs that we have received since birth. Unfortunately, about 77% of these programs are negative. According to Shad Helmstetter, PhD, author of What to Say When You Talk to Yourself and Negative Self-Talk & How to Change It, if […]

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How to Thrive Over the Holidays Using Your EQ

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC With all the stress and conflict the holidays can bring, it’s a great opportunity to build your emotional quotient muscles. Why should you care about your emotional quotient (EQ)?  EQ affects your performance, relationships, happiness and well-being, ability to handle stress, and how much money you make. According to […]

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