5 Lessons from Beauty and the Beast

This week, I saw the new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, one of my Disney favorites. This time I watched it from a different perspective rather than simply viewing it as a love story. Here are the leadership and life lessons from this classic tale. 1) Narcissism will get you nowhere in winning […]

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5 Tips for Improving Relationships at Work and at Home

Effective relationships at work and at home are the key to a happy and fulfilling career and life. However, this seems to be one of the biggest challenges for many people. I listen to many of my clients talk about the issues they experience regularly in dealing with people at work and family members. Here […]

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Keep Your Sanity During Crazy Times

Recently, I’ve had many conversations with clients, friends, colleagues, and family members about all the massive negativity that we are currently being flooded with in the media. We all agree: it’s NOT helpful. It only serves to perpetuate fear, anger and a doom and gloom attitude. Therefore, I am instituting the following tips to maintain […]

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Be Your Best Self in 2017

If you’re like most people, you are thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2017. Many people have great intentions in setting ambitious goals, but make the mistake of trying to achieve too much all at once. Instead of setting several goals, it’s better to set just one and focus on one to three […]

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The Gift of Presence

I saw the movie “Arrival” a few weeks ago. It had two very strong messages: 1) the need for humanity to unite in order to survive and 2) this question: If you knew ahead of time that an experience/relationship/journey would end in an unbearably tragic loss, would you embark on it anyway? Prior to 2013, […]

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United We Stand. Divided We Can’t Stand Each Other

Last week, I conducted a two-day conflict management workshop with a group of 40 government civilian and military leaders. (What timing!) We discussed the different conflict modes according to the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI): competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding and accommodating, and when each is most effective. Right now, competing: “I win, you lose” […]

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Push Beyond Your Limits Without Burning Out

I am in the midst of my heaviest workload ever. I am conducting eight days of workshops in three different states over a three-week period. Last week I was in West Virginia. This week I’m in North Carolina, and next week I’ll be back home conducting four consecutive days of workshops with two different clients. […]

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Want More Influence? Then Do This…

I recently facilitated a workshop on increasing leadership influence to a group of engineers. According to the book, “The Likeability Factor” by Tim Sanders, we all go through a 3-step process whenever we make choices: 1) Listen – We listen to something out of the field of opportunities. 2) Believe – We either believe or […]

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Increase Your Resiliency to Stress and Change

Over the past couple of months, I have experienced some very big changes in my life. My parents moved from Southwestern Michigan, a couple of hours away to Arizona – across the country, after living in the same state as me for nearly my entire life. I also bought a new house in a new […]

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Are Your Beliefs Causing You Unnecessary Stress?

This past month, I taught several stress management workshops. I thought I would share one of the concepts that people find most helpful: the ABC model from “Stress Management for Dummies.” ABC Model: A = Activating event (stressful situation) B = Beliefs about stressful situation C = Consequence (stress resulting from beliefs about stressful situation) […]

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