How to Feel and Become More Confident

We all know that we communicate and influence others through our body language. But did you know that we also influence and communicate subconsciously to ourselves through our own body language? In a TED talk by Amy Cuddy, she talks about how “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.” When your body language is […]

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How to Increase Your Energy Capacity in 2019

Most of the leaders I work with are overworked, pushing harder than ever before, and running on near empty. Stress is inevitable in these VUCA times (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), but it’s also not the problem. The problem is that most of us run at full throttle for extended periods of time without sufficient […]

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Live with Fewer Regrets

Now that 2018 is coming to the end, many of us will take stock in how we spent this year. Did we do all the things we planned to do? Did we spend our time on our highest priorities? Did we live our values each day? Whenever I conduct this yearly evaluation, I try not […]

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How to Rise Strong from Failure, Disappointment and Setbacks

In Brene Brown’s book Rising Strong, she talks about what gives people the strength to get back up and try again after falling down. This resiliency comes from the ability to feel and acknowledge the hurt rather than acting out on it and inflicting pain on others. The normal reaction is to look for someone […]

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Hire, Develop and Retain the Right People

If you are not using assessments in your recruiting process and employee development program, you are missing out. I have used many different assessments for leadership and team development for 20 years, but the AcuMax Index is the first one I’ve found that can be completed within 5 minutes with such a high degree of […]

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When is Anger Constructive?

In this age of fast-pace, high-demand, and growing-workload, we are all stretched more than ever before. We have shorter fuses, less patience, and more frustration both at work and at home. As a leadership coach, I help leaders become more aware of what triggers them, the emotions these triggers elicit, and ways to constructively manage […]

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How to Recognize a Cry for Help

Too often lately we hear about a suicide in Hollywood or in our own communities. It has become an epidemic. I do not claim to be an expert on this topic, but I’d like to share some resources so we can all become more aware, and possibly prevent this type of tragedy from happening within […]

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Are You Derailing Your Career Without Knowing it?

Most of us have no idea how we come across to others or what people think of us. Why? Because most people won’t tell us. Instead they talk behind our backs. Have you ever had a friend drift away without any explanation, or not gotten a promotion and not told why? Did you ask what […]

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How to Be an Asset, Not a Liability

My May newsletter focused on the costs of incivility in the workplace to the recipients, the offenders, and their organizations. STRESS is the main cause of incivility. It makes us have shorter fuses and react harshly to others, especially when we are overwhelmed or feel verbally attacked. However, when we do this, it hurts us […]

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Do Nice People Finish Last or Best?

In the business world, does it pay to lift people up or hold people down? Christine Porath presented a TED talk on this topic, which I will summarize in this newsletter.  I have witnessed managers being rewarded for holding people down by being promoted or given greater responsibility. However, research from the Center for Creative […]

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