The Gift of Presence

I saw the movie “Arrival” a few weeks ago. It had two very strong messages: 1) the need for humanity to unite in order to survive and 2) this question: If you knew ahead of time that an experience/relationship/journey would end in an unbearably tragic loss, would you embark on it anyway? Prior to 2013, […]

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Building Better Leaders…

I recently conducted a workshop for the leaders at Casco Contractors, Inc. in Orange County, California. President, Cheryl Osborn is truly “Committed to Building it Better” both for her customers and her leadership team. I consider her a pioneer in the construction business, providing cutting-edge development opportunities for her team of seven Directors, so they […]

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Want More Energy and Enthusiasm for Work and Life?

Does your career or life feel flat, like something is lacking? Perhaps you aren’t being challenged enough. Sure you have goals, but are you playing it safe?  How excited are you to achieve those goals?  Are you striving for something truly demanding and amazing?  As human beings, we are energized by a real challenge. That’s […]

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Why Stress Makes Us Stupid

Have you ever been caught off guard or put on the spot and wondered why you couldn’t think straight or come up with a response that you thought of later? It’s because stress literally makes us stupid. When we perceive a threat, real or imagined, the part of our brain that is responsible for logical […]

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