10 Virtual Activities for Families, Friends and Teams

Written by Melissa Kessler, MA, PCC

This holiday season will be unlike any other. There won’t be large gatherings for holiday parties with friends, family and co-workers. Instead, many of us will be celebrating with just our immediate families. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still connect and have fun together. Below is a list of 10 virtual activities (with embedded links) that can be done with extended family, friends and team members.

  1. Virtual Escape Room
  2. Virtual Mystery Party
  3. My Intent – Questions to Connect with Others in a Meaningful Way
  4. True Colors – What Do Your Friends Really Think of You?
  5. Outrageous Party Game – The Game of Witty, Hilarious Answers That You Come Up with
  6. Things They Don’t Teach You In School Trivia Game
  7. Virtual Bingo
  8. Virtual Trivia
  9. Virtual Pictionary
  10. Virtual Scattergories

I wish you abundant joy and happiness this holiday season and throughout the new year. May you enjoy quality time with family and friends even if virtually. May 2021 bring hope, health, healing, peace and prosperity to all.

“Make connecting with others a daily priority.” – John Maxwell

“Connecting expands possibilities – in work and in life – for ourselves as well as for others.” – Adele Scheele

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