5 Lessons from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty & BeastThis week, I saw the new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, one of my Disney favorites. This time I watched it from a different perspective rather than simply viewing it as a love story. Here are the leadership and life lessons from this classic tale.

1) Narcissism will get you nowhere in winning the affection of those grounded in who they are. Gaston’s egocentric self-centeredness was extremely off-putting and unattractive to Belle. She saw past his good looks and realized that he had no admirable qualities on the inside.

2) It’s okay to be different and hold out for what you really want rather than just settling. Many of the best leaders were trailblazers who did not follow the crowd. Belle is a strong heroine in this story. She is courageous, surefooted, stands up for what she believes in and has deep compassion for others – qualities of a great leader.

3) Beauty really is from within – what we project from our hearts, minds, attitudes and in our treatment of others – rather than external appearances. The Beast transformed internally first, and this is what Belle saw and fell in love with before his physical form changed.

4) Authentic love, strong character and selflessness is being able to put someone else’s values/needs/desires/well-being ahead of your own. Belle became a prisoner in order to save her father. The Beast set Belle free to help her father when she saw him being captured, even though the Beast might miss his chance to break the curse and become human again by doing so.

5) Love truly conquers all. Love is the most powerful emotion there is and can transform most any person or situation into someone/something better, more positive and hopeful. Love was the only way to break the curse and make them all human again.

I hope that you see this story with new eyes and enjoy the remake of this wonderful classic with lessons that stand the test of time.

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” – Beauty and the Beast Narrator

 “He’s no monster, Gaston; you are!” – Belle

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