PeerSpectives® Roundtable System

Melissa Kessler is a licensed facilitator of The PeerSpectives® Roundtable System, an Edward Lowe Foundation peer-learning initiative for second-stage entrepreneurs.

The foundation defines second-stage entrepreneurs as having between 10-99 employees and between $1 million and $50 million in annual revenue. These second stage businesses represent 33% of US jobs.

The PeerSpectives® Roundtable System provides many benefits to participating members including objective and relevant input, accelerated learning in a peer environment, improved decision making, and risk reduction resulting in increased profitability. In fact, research has shown that participating members experience an 8% average growth in revenue over their non-participating competitors.

Roundtables consist of 8-12 second stage business owners and executives from non-competing industries who meet to share challenges and experiences involving significant growth issues unique to businesses in this stage. This peer-learning construct is based on the premise that entrepreneurs learn best from other entrepreneurs who have encountered similar challenges and can speak from real life experiences. Each meeting consists of members identifying and prioritizing their most pressing challenges and then sharing their experiences and best practices in addressing those challenges.

Through peer sharing, members gain insight and learning that help them improve decision making, performance, and productivity which can take them to the next level of business growth. Each roundtable is governed by a set of ground rules and guidelines to establish an environment where members feel free to share openly with the group, build camaraderie and ensure that confidentiality is upheld.

What are the costs and time commitment?

  • Roundtable members commit to participating for one year.
  • There are 10-11 meetings per year.
  • Each meeting lasts 3-4 hours.
  • Cost of annual membership is $1200
“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”– Chinese Proverb

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